1. We believe in God the Father, Creator of all things visible and invisible.
  2. The Bible is God’s divinely inspired revelation to man...infallible and authoritative.
    These Holy Scriptures are not to be added to, nor subtracted from, by anyone.
  3. We believe that the Bible is the final authority for all matters of faith, truth, morality, and Christian living.
  4. There is only one true God, revealed to us in the Old and New Testaments as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  5. Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God, the eternal Word and the one and only Savior.
  6. Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, both fully human and fully divine; Who lived a sinless life; Who suffered and was crucified as an atonement for sin; Who rose again bodily from the dead on the third day; Who ascended into Heaven; and Who will return in victory to rule forever.
  7. The only terms of salvation that we may proclaim are those expressed in the New Testament: faith, repentance, confession of faith in Jesus Christ, and baptism for the remission of sins and for the promised presence of the Holy Spirit.
  8. The basis of unity of all believers is a commitment to the authority of the Old and New Testaments.
  9. The unity of all followers of Christ can be realized on the basis of a return to the primitive pattern for Church doctrine in practice, in polity, and in life as seen in the New Testament.
  10. We believe it is ill advised to contribute to division and disunity by aligning ourselves, on the basis of opinion, with any party or sect. Rather, in the spirit of the first century Church and many early Christian reformers, we choose to be non-sectarian.
  11. It is required that RPLF Directors, Officers and Staff adhere to these teachings and principles. Each RPLF Representative is expected to strive to attain the goals of Christian character and conduct which are implied in these teachings.
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Corporate Visionary Partnerships


  • The Vision Appeared

    During a delayed honeymoon, Lee and Rayanne Peplinski felt God place serving on their hearts in Spring 2010. The following spring they were leading the very first team into Belize to serve remote areas. The humbling love and thankfulness of those they served was forever etched onto their hearts. Subsequent trips leading teams from The New England College of Optometry further imprinted their heart that God was using them to further His Kingdom and to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. God laid out a road-map and called the Peplinski's into the deeper water of faith to see where He was leading in Spring 2018.

  • The Vision Became Reality

    While preparing for a mission into the Dominican Republic with two teams (and later into Nigeria) one morning, God nudged the Peplinski's into oceans deep with divine inspiration to create a world that could see better both physically and spiritually. Ret.Pray.Love.Foundation was incorporated March 23, 2018 with a vision to be the foremost Christ-centered eyecare ministry, focusing on physical and spiritual well-being throughout the world. Our mission is simple: create a world where everybody sees better both physically and spiritually. Our purpose is to provide eyecare while fulfilling the call to share God’s love. Our values include Bold Courage, Compassion, Excellence, Faithfulness, Servanthood, Integrity, Humility and Partnership.

  • The Vision Continues

    Ret.Pray.Love.Foundation has led several missions into Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Belize, and Peru. The Board of Directors consist of 5 lay persons and 6 licensed practicing Optometrists. We have partnered with Kentucky College of Optometry and the New England College of Optometry, as well as the Fellowship of Christian Optometrists International, to make better eyecare providers through education and interactive/hands-on learning while opening the spiritual eyes of the Optometry profession toward compassionate clinical care. Our goals while in the mission field are to empower people to self-manage ocular health needs, partner with local health authorities to foster empowerment of Public Service Education and with spiritual leaders to form a bridge from physical health to spiritual well-being through prayer and connection to the local church.


RPLF shares the Gospel freely with each patient while tracking the number of Bibles given and Salvations for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. In clinic, we are able to identify individuals with ocular health diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye then treat these conditions through medications or via appropriate surgical referral to local surgeons or potential surgical follow-up teams. Measurable statistics include the number of examinations performed, glasses prescribed, eye diseases diagnosed and treated, and referrals made to local providers for surgery and follow-up. Also tracked are age ranges, genders, low-vision diagnoses, readers, sunglasses, and safety glasses. RPLF will share clinic data with all local government, spiritual, and educational leaders without compromising patient confidentiality.

Individuals Benefiting From Our Services
Salvations For The Kingdom Of Jesus Christ (since 2018)
Communities Impacted From Our Services


Lee S. Peplinski
President / Director
Dr. Lee Peplinski is excited about his 'second half'! In his 'first half' he became an accomplished optometrist who has cared for patients for 30+ years, taught optometric students and colleagues, and served the profession in various leadership roles. In 2018 he and his wife Rayanne responded to God's call and co-founded the Ret.Pray.Love.Foundation, to shine their light for His glory. And now Dr. P gets to apply these same 'first half' skills to this 'second half' assignment, caring for souls, teaching discipleship and the gospel, and leading RPLF. In his free time Dr. Peplinski enjoys bike riding, travel and scuba-diving with Rayanne, and spending time with his grown children Alicia and Peter.
Keith R. Slayden
Vice President/Risk Management Director
A native to the state of Kentucky, Dr. Keith Slayden loves the Lord and has a passion for serving others through providing eye care. Using the gifts the Lord has given Him, he is able to provide eye care at a large practice in Louisville and also use the skills abroad. He is a member of Sojourn East Community Church and helps with medical outreach, locally and abroad. Dr. Slayden's main goal is to help teach others and empower them through the Gospel and in trade so they can shine God’s light and care for others in their communities and countries. Besides taking care of eyes, he enjoys spending time with his family and drinking craft coffee.
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Rayanne LaBruzzo Peplinski
Secretary/Operations Outreach Coordinator
After 30+ of being a choreographer, coach, and judge of cheer, dance, and gymnastics, Rayanne's enthusiasm as a cheerleader for Christ went worldwide in 2018 when she and her husband, Lee formed Ret.Pray.Love.Foundation. Her ability to encourage, inspire, empower, and impact those she meets and mentors doesn't go unnoticed. Never meeting a stranger, Rayanne's exuberance to spread the hope of knowing Jesus peaks when she serves alongside her husband. Never fearing a challenge, her organizational management skills and creative versatility are utilized both in the office and on the mission field. Her strong sense of justice fuels her desire to serve the least of these with love, compassion, and mercy in places others deem "unsafe". Her faith is the foundation, her family is the motivation, and her friends are the magic that propel her to serve without abandon. Rayanne's zest for life, love, and laughter to experience God's creation absorbs any free time she may happen upon.
Jason and Heather Horn
Spiritual Care Director | Treasurer
Jason and Heather Horn have been married since 1998 and have two wonderful children, Jason Jr. and Haley. This vibrant couple served with Ret.Pray.Love.Foundation in Nigeria in 2018 sharing the Gospel and spreading God’s love to those they met. Together Jason and Heather want to lead people to Christ and grow them in their relationship with God! Pastor Horn's sole desire is to serve in Christ-centered ministries, providing Christ-like leadership, preaching and counseling that will lead people to a relationship with Christ and encourage believers toward maturity as Christians. He is the minister at Clifton Heights Christian Church. Along with preaching, teaching and writing, Jason has been a missionary all over the world, is president of the Christian Institute for Biblical Studies and Chairman of Kentuckiana Christian Mission. RPLF is beyond blessed to have this former Army Veteran as their Spiritual Care Director. Heather serves as the secretary for the Christian Institute of Biblical Studies and Kentuckiana Christian Mission. She has served as a missionary to Africa and taught women’s ministry over the years. With Heather as the Treasurer, RPLF will continued its high standard of excellence in Stewardship Transparency to honor our Lord and Savior!
Dr. Nicole Pogue, FAOO
Visionary Volunteer Service-Learning Director
Dr. Nicole Pogue, FAOO received a bachelors of science in chemistry from Missouri State University (Go Bears!) and earned her doctor of optometry degree from The University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry. She completed her residency in community health optometry at The Dimock Community Health Center in Roxbury, MA. Dr. Pogue is the Clinical Director of Optometry Services and Residency at The Dimock Center where she serves as clinical preceptor to second, third, and fourth year students during their clinical rotations. She is very active in her church community co-hosting a community group and serving on the welcome team. She has a heart for optometry missions and can't wait to see where the Lord leads her next!
Aaron McNulty
Visionary Inve$tments Director
Aaron McNulty, O.D. is a native of Owensboro, Kentucky and has been practicing at Louisville Eye Center during the past 12 years. Dr. McNulty has served as President of the Kentucky Optometric Association and on an RPLF mission team in Puerto Rico, leading the Commonwealth’s Optometry profession and instructing the next generation of Optometry. He and his wife Leslie have three young children who are the light of their lives! The McNulty family are parishioners at St Agnes Church in the Highlands and enjoy sharing God’s love, grace, and mercy. Dr. McNulty hopes to help spread the gospel and improve the vision of those we serve.