Joining Our Vision!

When you join our compassionate community of Visionary Partners, you become the hands and feet of Jesus serving others throughout the world with love, grace, and humility. Each of us have been blessed with gifts and abilities to share with others. See how you might apply yours with RPLF!

How YOU Fit Into Our Vision!

There are five Visionary Partnership options for YOU to impact the world with Ret.Pray.Love.Foundation: Student, Practicing/Academic Providers/Faculty, Non-Healthcare, Ministry and Corporate. Whether or not you're an individual or corporation, young or old, living overseas or in the United States, YOU can fit into our vision to create a world that sees better physically and spiritually through eyecare, education, and discipleship. All it takes is YOUR best yes to RPLF! Learn more below.

Why Join Our Vision?

By joining RPLF's vision, YOU will have unique and valuable opportunities to learn through service, create meaningful connections, spread the Gospel, strengthen one's faith, invest in others, inspire positive actions, lead by teaching, expand knowledge/skills, share insight and experiences, implement change, empower communities, impact nations, and encourage sustainable development. Join our vision today!

Benefits of Being a Visionary Partner

“Let your light be so laser-focused that others may see, and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

So simple in instruction yet so powerful in its message…SHINE. Each of us shine brightest when we give our best yes in sharing our love with others. The benefits of shining bright as an RPLF Visionary Partner include Mission In Motion, Leading Through Teaching, Double Vision Discipleship, Community Connections, Developing Your Gifts and Opening Eyes. Won’t YOU say YES today?

Mission In Motion

Impact the world by going on serving-learning mission trips to some of the most underserved areas of the world while sharing the gospel. Our trips have roles for EVERY ONE, of EVERY AGE, of EVERY SKILL SET. Share your talents to make an impact that creates a world more in focus!

Mission In Motion

Your God-given talents will be appreciated beyond measure by those you serve on an RPLF Service-Learning Mission Trip. There are boundless opportunities to love on people, spread the Gospel, learn new skills and put into action ones you have known. We hope to create an experience for Visionary Volunteers that allows Jesus to make us better “hands and feet” to serve His people while highlighting the communities we serve. Visit our Mission in Motion page for available service-learning mission trips and conferences.

Leading Through Teaching

RPLF provides training and support that effectively leads or co-leads our Visionaries through the sharing of personal experiences, knowledge, and skills which establish participatory decision-making processes that benefit YOU, the people, and the communities served. Co-creating shifts YOU into a decision-making role ultimately strengthening the impact we make together!

Leading Through Teaching

Each of us have the ability to teach a new idea or skill that helps another achieve an accomplishment in life or in clinic. RPLF encourages Visionaries to share personal and clinical experiences, knowledge and talents with other Visionaries before, during and after a trip to fulfill the call of leading through teaching. We are all leaders. We are all teachers. We are leading through teaching.

Double Vision Discipleship

Double Vision Discipleship involves the ability to see the world from the perspective of another person or culture without losing the unique perspective of our own experience or culture. Our differences, rather than dividing us, help us to see God’s truth about ourselves, our neighbors and the world a little better than if we never had the opportunity to use “double vision.”

Mission In Motion

When we are able to look through the same Biblical lens from within the eyes of another person, perhaps with very different experiences and cultural formation, often we see a little better God’s truth about ourselves and our world. Transformational development, which by definition is holistic in nature, cannot happen without reaching out to the human being with the message of the transforming power of God through Christ Jesus. Our Spiritual Care Team provides Christ-like leadership, preaching, teaching, and walking side-by-side with YOU and those we serve, helping to foster relationships with Christ and to live out faith.

Community Connections

Connect. Network. Impact. Community connections are the ties that forever crease our hearts with a sense of belonging and bind them with social connectedness. Opportunities to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships are created when YOU give your best yes to becoming an RPLF Visionary Partner!

Community Connections

Connect. Network. Impact. Community connections are the ties that forever crease our hearts with a sense of belonging and bind them with social connectedness. Opportunities to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships are created when YOU give your best yes to becoming an RPLF Visionary Partner!

Developing Your Gifts

God’s grace allows Him to love us just as we are, and so much more that He won’t leave us that way! Each of us is on a unique journey toward becoming all that He has created us to be. Identifying, exploring, and developing our own gifts and abilities is part of this transformation process.

Developing Your Gifts

With RPLF you will be challenged to discover your own personal gifts and talents and then have an opportunity to put them into motion. God has not only gifted us, but also prepared good works for each of us, and invited us to walk in them (Eph 2:10) for the furtherance of the Gospel. In serving, we ourselves become transformed more into His image. Let RPLF be a part of your journey and help you realize your full potential.

Opening Eyes

Physical blindness is a disability to treat and help others avoid. Spiritual blindness is no different. Addressing one without addressing the other does not express the true way of Christ. He could not engage with someone without showing compassion toward their physical needs. And His acts of physical healing always included an invitation to consider following His Way.

Opening Eyes

RPLF opens the eyes of those we serve, both physically and spiritually. RPLF also opens the eyes of those of us serving others toward compassionate clinical care, and to value and minister to the spirit of those we serve. Eyes/Body. Soul/Spirit. Let’s all look for healing of both.



  • For those pursuing an optometric degree. RPLF partners with Fellowship of Christian Optometrists (FCO) chapters at various schools and colleges of Optometry to make missions a part of the student learning experience. New England College of Optometry (NECO) and Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO) have close student involvement with RPLF, and we are looking to expand these connections to more FCO chapters at other schools.


  • For licensed healthcare or academic providers. Licensed healthcare providers ensure the highest level of care is offered to those we serve. They also form the knowledge base for transfer of skills to student visionaries serving beside them. Providing professional education to in-country healthcare providers is another use of these Visionaries’ talents.


  • For Family, friends, and anyone willing to serve. Healthcare missions are not just about healthcare. There are always additional roles in serving the communities or supporting the team. Equally important is the change a mission trip has on the individual. Shared experience makes bonds with family and friends from tighter. And you will learn something new about yourself. Guaranteed.


  • For church and mission leaders and groups. RPLF is just one part of the body of Christ. To be most effective we must partner and work well with others in the Body of believers. This may be individual ministers who wish to teach, preach, and serve with us. This may also be other ministry groups that can form a synergy to assist each other. When one of us succeeds we all succeed.


  • For corporate partners who share our vision. RPLF relies on contributions from all stakeholders to be most relevant. This includes partners in industry to help with resources, connections, economies of scale, and a host of other interests. In return, RPLF offers Corporate Visionary Partners a channel for their humanitarian efforts to shine on those both outside and inside their organization.